Vacation Of Stub Streets: Calumet, Sirius, Fordham And Sheldon- North Of Colorado. (Property Owners: Calumet – David & Gyda Stoner & Ray Stoner, Sirius – Felpe & Carmen Rocha And Angel & Martha Perez. Fordham – Eugene Hamling And Rubin Hubbard. Sheldon – Gerardo Ruiz And Macedonia Temple).

Resolution For Awarding A Contract For 1998 Community Development Block Grant Sidewalk And Drive Approach Replacement Project – East Side Of Oak Street Between Illinois And West Park


Resolution For Awarding Contract To Dan Stokes Excavating & Landscaping Co. For The Illinois And View Storm Sewer Project

$1,180,258.30 – Storm Sewer Trunk Line

Ordinance Amending Chapter 13 Of The Code Of Ordinances Of The City Of Aurora Entitled “Cigarettes, Cigars And Tobacco”.

O98-02 January 13, 1998

Penalty-any person who violates this chapter upon conviction will be punished. License Cigarette/Tobacco dealer-no person shall cell tobacco products without a license issued by city treasurer. Sale to minors-no person shall sell/furnish tobacco products to minor under 18 years of age, not located near schools.

4-Way Stop Sign – Approved At Sunset And Oak – Riddle Highlands.

4-Way Stop Sign Approved At Elmwood And Eastwood – Golden Oaks Appealed


Resolution Authorizing An Agreement With Robert H Anderson & Associates, Inc. For The Permitting Of The West Bank Of The West Channel For The Foxwalk – $71,100.00.


Resolution Authorizing A Professional Services Agreement With Schoppe Design Associates For Design Services For The Permitting Of The West Bank Of The West Channel For The Foxwalk

$6,500.00. (Riverwalk)

Resolution For Authority To Make Payment For Windows Installed In Foxwalk Related Construction At The North Island Apartments

$26,072.67. (Riverwalk)

Amended New Waste Hauler/Recycle Contract To Include Household Batteries As A Recyclable Material.

(For Residents)

O98.94 – 10/25/98 – An Ordinance Amending Sections 5, 6 And 10, No. 3100 Aurora Zoning Ordinance Regarding Legal Non-Conforming Zoning Lots-Sponsored Change Amendment To Increase Percentage Of Required Buildable From 60% To 80% Adopted 10-25-98.

(Increased quality lot size standards)

Resolution Authorizing The Execution Of An Agreement By And Among The City Of Aurora, Aurora Downtown And The Aurora Rotary Club – Rotary Club Amount $30,000 Share – Aurora Downtown Amount $21,000 Share Rotary Plaza.


Resolution Authorizing The Execution Of An Agreement With R H Anderson & Associates, Inc. For Rotary Plaza And Downtown Walkway.


Request For The Posting Of “No Parking” Signs On The East Side Of Wilder Between Vine And Cedar.

Post “No Parking, Stopping, Standing” Signs On The West Side Of Penn North Of Illinois Adjacent To Hill School.

Traffic Study Request For The Intersection Of West New York Street And Oak Avenue To Consider Placing The Appropriate Signage Going Westbound On West New York Indicating The One-Way Turns Into A Two-Way.

Street Light Request For Additional Street Lights On Foran Lane Between Robert And Old Indian Trail.  Also, Take A Look At The Number Of Street Lights And Also To Increase Luminaires.

Ordinance Amending Sections 5, 6, & 10 Of Ordinance No. 3100, Being The Aurora Zoning Ordinance.

New section 6 nonconforming zoning lots, structures and uses. (New Quality Standards)

Resolution Endorsing The East Aurora School District 131 Referendum


Co-Sponsored With Alderman Chuck Nelson – Green Park Neighborhood Association

(Had First Neighborhood Meeting June 1998) (Held Neighborhood Festival Sept. 1998).

Televisted Sanitary Sewer System In Riddle Highlands, Sunset & Wilder City Found Watermain In Middle And Had It Moved. Emergnecy Repairs To A 14-Inch Water Main And 24-Inch Sanitary Sewer Located At The Intersection Of Lawndale And Wilder Street.

Sponsored Illegal Downspouts Study With Storm/Sanitary Sewer In Riddle Highlands, To Be Completed December 1998. Recommended Approval Of A Resolution To Enter Into An Agreement With Walter Deuchler & Associates – Amount $27,000.00.

Co-Sponsored 1999 Budget:

1) New Planner Who’s Responsibility Is Working On Down Zoning Citywide Only.

2) Inspectors For Inspections Department.

3) Allocated $50,000 For Consultant On Illegal Downspouts.

4) $50,000 Impact And Transition Fee Study.

5) Co-Sponsored Allocating An Additional $200,000 Density Reduction Citywide For A Total Of $400,000.00.