An Ordinance Amending Ordinance Number 3100, Being The Aurora Zoning Ordinance And The Zoning Map Attached Thereto, By Rezoning A 19.07 Acre Property Located East Of Taylor Avenue And Directly North Of New Haven Avenue From M-2 Manufacturing District, General To P-Public Open Space/Recreation/Park District And Approving A Site Plan For New Haven Park.

An Ordinance Approving Replacement Of The Aurora Building Code Section 12-1 Through 12-39, Ordinance Adopts The 2009 International Code Council Series With Local Modifications Per The Recommendation Of The City Of Aurora Permanent Building And Fire Code Committee:

(with the following amendments)

  • Added stricter decibel level for sound in hotel/motel – 5dB’s
    • Sound transmission class for 1207.2 shall be modified to (STC) of not less than 55 (50 if field tested) for air-borne noise when tested in accordance with ASTM E 90
  • Require separate outdoor hoses bibbs to be connected with a home potable water system. 10.1 Hose bibb locations: 2 hose bibbs located as remotely as practicable shall be required per residence (e.g. front and rear yards)
  • Attempted to require storm doors for new construction – motion denied.
  • Required basement window wells to be covered on new construction.
    • The following subsection shall be added to Section R310.4:
      • R310.4.1 window wells shall be provided with flat covers capable of supporting at least 150lbs.
  • Require screen vents to be installed on dryer vents.
    • 3.1 Clothes Dryer Termination: clothes dryer exhaust duct systems shall terminate with a removable guard to prevent bird or rodent entry. For maintenance purposes, termination shall be located no greater than 12 feet above the walking surface or grade below.
    • 2.1 Termination bathroom exhaust ducts systems shall be equipped with a back draft damper and shall be terminated with a guard to prevent bird or rodent entry.
  • Require that there be no un-treated wood in contact with concrete on new construction.
    • This was clarified in the newer editions of the code and therefore no modification was necessary.
  • Water distribution piping change to ease filtration system installation.
    • 5.2 – Water Distribution Piping: water distribution piping shall be installed so that all water supplies except for hose bibbs are fed from a single branch pipe for the possible future installation of a water filtration system.

A Resolution Approving The Final Plat For Lots 1 And 2 Of New Haven Park Subdivision, Being 19.07 Acres Of Vacant Land Located North Of New Haven Avenue And East Of Taylor Avenue In The City Of Aurora, Il.

(Nec Of Morton Ave & New Haven Ave By Fvpd) – New Park

A Resolution Authorizing The Sale Of The Northerly ½ Of City Real Estate Located At 617 North Harrison, Aurora, Illinois Permanent Index No. 15-16-353-010.

(Tim and Margaret Arnold) R10-247

A Resolution Authorizing The Sale Of The Southerly ½ Of City Real Estate Located At 617 North Harrison, Aurora, Illinois Permanent Index No. 15-16-353-010.

(Paul & Maria Vega) R10-248

A Resolution Authorizing The Execution Of A Contract To Purchase Real Property Known As 833-835 North Highland Avenue Aurora, Illinois.

(Approved At City Council September 14, 2010)

A Resolution To Award The Aurora Foxwalk-Lower Foxwalk On West Channel Between Downer Place And Galena Blvd. To R. A. Ubert Construction, Inc. Of P.O. Box 160, Yorkville Il 60560.

Donation To The Aurora Sundowners Track Club For Their Upcoming Event February 19-21, 2010-Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington Il

$500.00. (6th Ward Committee)

 Donation To The Aurora Historical Society For The 4th Of July Event


Grant Assistance To The Fox Valley Park District In The Amount Of $9,900.00 From The 6th Ward Committee For The May Street Park Acquiring The Property At N Highland Avenue (507 Grand Avenue)

Donation Of $300.00 To Kiwanis Club Of Aurora For The City Of Aurora Community Coat Drive “Coats For Kids” Citywide Effort To Purchase New Coats For Kids.

Sponsoring A ¼ Page Ad In The Souvenir Journal For St. John Ame Church For Their Dedication Celebration On Sunday, August 15, 2010.

 Traffic Study (10.003)

Request For A Pre-Empt Device And Remote Device To Regulate The Signals At Fire Station Number 3 On N. Highland Avenue And W. Indian Trail – Alderman Saville & Officer Rosa O’brien.

Traffic Study (10.027)

Request For Parking Restrictions And Yellow Curbing At Smith Elementary School On Robinood Drive And Cedardale Place – Eric Gallt, Traffic Engineer.

Traffic Study (09.121)

Request For Pedestrian Crossing Signs At The Prisco Center, Illinois Avenue By The Bike Path (Recommendation Is To Install Solar Powered Led Pedestrian Signs Pending Funding Agreement With Fox Valley Park District)– Alderman Saville & Randy Caho, Fvpd

Traffic Study (10.064)

Request For Possible Revision Of Prior Traffic Study 10.030 Requesting No Parking From 2:00 Am To 5:00 Am Signage On Richard Street Between Foran Lane & Morton Avenue (Recommendation Is For Designated No Parking On The South Side Of Richard Street Between Foran Lane & Morton Avenue) – Alderman Saville.

Traffic Study (10.104)

Request For “Slow Handicap Child” Signage For 1209 California Avenue. Acr Complaint/Inquire – Joanne Williams & Alderman Mike Saville.

Street Light Request 10.008

Request A Street Light At 1345 N Russell Avenue (Recommendation Is To Place The Street Light At 1363/1369 N Russell Avenue) – Maria Tarntham & Alderman Mike Saville. After further investigation, the location of a new street light at 1363/1369 N. Russell is no longer feasible. The location will be moved to between 1351 and 1357 N. Russell. This new location will allow us better access to ComEd for the electrical hookup – John Meszaros, Electrical Dept.

Bgi Discussion Item – Drainage Issue At 1400 Exposition Drive – Come Back In Spring Needs More Attention To Design & Coordinate With The Temple

Alderman Saville

Street Light Approved/Installed Between 900 & 902 Richards St.