An Ordinance After Demolition Requiring Topsoil And Seeding.

Property Maintenance code Chapter 23 – topsoil & seeding within 30 days of demo of newly created vacant lot and/or seasonable weather (4-15 thru 6-15/8-15 thru 10-15).

A Resolution Requiring Board Up Of Vacant Buildings.

In order to protect public health, safety and welfare—of boarding-up abandoned/vacant buildings.

An Ordinance Amending The Heat Requirement.

Unlawful for any two-family dwelling/apt house/lodging house/rooming/boarding house/or hotel which heat is furnished from 9-15 each year to 5-15 of succeeding year. Minimum temp. as follows: 8am to 10:30pm 68; 10:30pm to 6am 60; 7am to 8am 65.

Sponsored Amendments To The Church Zoning Ordinance.

Supported City Selling Former Incinerator To Hessed House.