An Ordinance Requiring Procedures For Vacation Of Alleys.

Petition shall be filed with City Clerk to vacate alley within corporate city limits. Petitioner shall give notice to all property owners whose land abuts the alley, by certified mail that a petition to vacate is being sought.

A Resolution Regarding Legal Nonconforming Single Lots.

That does not meet the minimum lot width and area, may be utilized for a permitted use, provided that lot width and area are not less than 60% of the minimum required width and area. Residential zoning district & developed 1 family detached dwelling prior to adoption that is damaged or destroyed to extent of 50% in accordance with sec. 6.5 may be rebuilt.

Sponsored Amendments To The Sign Ordinance. (Quality Signage)

Initiated City Program For Curb Repairs In Cdbg Target Areas.

North Elmwood & Sullivan – Installed Culvert – 1491 North Elmwood – Martin Boggs.