Ordinance Establishing The Aurora Riverwalk Commission.

Purpose: Build Riverwalk in Downtown. To cover both side of the Fox River in downtown Aurora with future expansion northward and southward. The Commission shall consist of 13 members, 9 general member, 1 Alderman, President of FVPD, The Alderman and Aurora Township Supervisor.

Foran Lane Storm Sewer For $86,750.50.

A Resolution Sponsoring The Elmwood Sanitary Sewer Replacement And Rehab.

Co-Sponsored The Oak Avenue/Lakelawn Storm Sewer For $234,357.50.

(Under Lake St to Fox River)

An Ordinance Required Improvements/Infrastructure 9/15/87.

For “Streets and Sidewalks” sec 42-40 required improvement-no building permit for new construction shall be issued unless lot or lots which building to be constructed complies with requirements Article V Chapter 43. For “Buildings” sec 12-2, subsec 112.1 building official examine all applications for permits and amendments within a reasonable time after filing.

An Ordinance Requiring Two (2) Individually Accessible Parking Spaces For Single Family Homes.

(Getting vehicles off the street)

A Requirement Of Paving Of Parking Areas And Parking Lots.

Shall be improved with a gravel base no less than four inches thick and surfaced with asphalt or concrete.

Sponsored Denial Of The Lake Street Business For New Parking On Orchard Avenue, Rezoning. (Appealed And Court Overturned City Denial)

O87-5695 August 4, 1987

Sponsored Denial Of White Hen Pantry Rezoning. O87-5691 July 21, 1987

Address: SEC Indian Trail & Randall Road – Denial of this rezoning is in accordance with the Comprehensive Place and will alleviate one of the concerns relative to drainage.

Taylor Avenue Water Main Project $78,000.00.