$32,000.00 Of Cdbg Grant For Foxwalk – Riverwalk Commission

Design Competition For Foxwalk, $30,000.00 – Riverwalk Commission

An Ordinance Elminating Transitional Uses Zoning.

Sections 11.2-1.6 and 11.5-1.3 are hereby deleted, businesses conducted in residential structures. Lot located 75 feet from adjourning business. Minimum lot area 6000 square feet for two family dwelling. Three & four family dwelling having side lots adjourning or facing a business or mfg. district or a railroad right of way width not less than 60 feet and area not less than 2000 sq. ft. per dwelling unit. (Reducing Density)

An Ordinance Amending Sections 43-11 And 43-12 Of Article I Of Chapter 43 With Respect To Requirements For Issuance Of Building And Occupancy Permits In The City Of Aurora

(Grading Ordinance)

An Ordinance Requiring Public Improvements For New Construction, 7/26/88, P & D.

No building permit for new construction will be issued on vacant lot unless the lot(s) comply with all requirements of Article V Chapter 43, improvements or securities equivalent to such improvements.

An Ordinance Requiring Three (3) Individually Accessible Parking Spaces For Duplexes. (Getting cars off the street)

An Ordinance Amending Section 42-51 Of Chapter 42 Relating To Repairs Of Sidewalks And Placement Of Liens Therefore.

Owner/occupant of any lot in city is notified by city engineer to raise, lower or repair any sidewalk in front of, adjacent to or upon any premises shall do the improvement within the time allotted by the city engineer. If any owner/occupant fails to make improvement city will repair and owner/occupant will pay the city the cost of repair.

A Resolution Appointed As Aurora Riverwalk Chairman.

Began Regular Riverwalk Commission Meetings. Appointed Members Of The Riverwalk Commission And Advisory Board.

Establish Preventive Maintenance Program For The Water & Sewer Department. August 1988 (Preventative Maintenance)

  1. Manhole Rehab
  2. Fire Hydrant Inspection
  3. Water Main Valve Exercising
  4. Systematic Sewer Cleaning – Sanitary Lines

Special Use In An R-1 District For Expansion Of Fox Valley Montessori School At 850 N Commonwealth (Sponsored Conditions). August 22, 1988.

Sponsored Conditions Of The National Metalwares Rezoning. (Protecting surrounding neighborhoods)

Support Of Cdbg Allocation For Near West Neighbors – Money For Flower Seeds, Planters, And “Bloom Where You’re Planted” Festival.

Riverwalk Commission Sponsored Rfq & Rfp For Design Competition To Select Firm For Riverwalk Concept.

Riverwalk Commission Contracted With R. Green & Associates And Perkins And Will With Groves & Associates Awarded — $5,000.00 Each As Part Of Riverwalk Design Competition.

Riverwalk Commission Chose Winner Of Design Competition Between R. Green & Associates Ad Perkins & Will With Groves & Associates ($20,000.00 To The Winners).

Sponsored Swale Along South Side Of New Indian Trail To Alleviate Back Yard Flooding Of Homes On Old Indian Trail – From – Indian Trail Court East To Sewer Inlet Near Apartments.