An Ordinance Requiring Paving Of Newly Constructed Driveways.

(O89-084 September 5, 1989 Ordinance amending and requiring paving of existing driveways when doing improvements)

Foran Lane Water Main.

Support Of Riddle Highlands As A Historic District.

Old Indian Trail Storm Sewer For $113,337.20 – Nantucket To Elmwood 1st Phase.

Beau Ridge Subdivision Sanitary Sewer.

Co-Sponsored Zoning Board Of Appeals Changes Of Structure — “Ordinance For Changes Of The Structure Of The Zoning Board Of Appeals”. O89-117 December 19, 1989

Zoning Board of Appeals meeting will be recorded and maintain on file at the City for period of seven years. Zoning Administrator responsibility be added to ordinance, maintain on file original mylars of site plans and meeting minutes and tapes of said meetings.

Final Concept Plan Foxwalk, Adopted By City Council.

R89-234 August 15, 1989

Rubberized Railroad Crossing At Sullivan.

Illinois/Foran Commercial Area Right-Of-Way Improvements — Tearing Out Asphalt And Putting In Topsoil And Grass – Parkway.

Plat Approval Procedure.

Sub-divider shall submit an engineering plan to the city engineer for approval. There are committees put in place to approve paperwork, contractors, costs…

An Ordinance Regarding Juice Bar.

Sec 8-1 Fees: In the case of amusement devices – application fee $25.00 amusement license $20.00 poolroom license $600.00 plus above fees per machine. Article VII Div. 1 General – Juice Bars, Dry Cabarets, teenage cabarets and other non-alcohol bars: penalties; hours of operation; Div. 2 License – no person shall keep said business without being licensed to do so.

Kccdap – $50,000.00 Grant For Foxwalk, Total $150,000.00, For Three (3) Years.

Lancaster Special Service Area – Between Illinois And Hoyt.

R89-283 September 19, 1989.

Curb placement on Lancaster from Hoyt to Illinois, part of a project awarded to Alliance Contractors for $37,299.10.

Co-Sponsored Mosquito Abatement – An Environmentally Sound And Integrated Management Policy To Begin In 1990.

(No more poison/toxins (Malathion) in environment)

Contract With Riverwalk Consultants – Perkins & Will With Groves & Associates For #1 Design Guidelines, #2 Overlay District, #3 Master Permit Engineering, And #4 West Bank Landscape Design And Bike Trail.

R89-331 October 17, 1989 – $96,400.00?

Created Aldermen’s Guide With Mary Fields, (Aldermen’s Confidential Secretary)