Sponsored Ordinance For May Park Neighborhood Down Zoning.

(From Multi Family to Single Family Zoning)

Sponsored Resolution Approving An Amendment To The Downtown Preservation Loan Program Guidelines To Require Compliance To The Sign Ordinance.

R91-129 April 16, 1991

Removal of billboards and non-conforming signage to be eligible of the improvement expense. Repair of any portion of the building damaged by the removal of a non-conforming sign or billboard (the removal cost of billboards owned by sign companies IS NOT an eligible work item.) The recipient must agree to remove any billboards attached to or located on property and bring all signage in compliance with the sign ordinance requirements.

Sponsored Resolution Approving Land Use Change In The New Haven Industrial Area – M-2 To Ori – As Part Of The Revision And Update Of The 1984 Comprehensive Plan For The City Of Aurora.

Sponsored Resolution Authorizing The City Of Aurora To Enter Into An Agreement With The County Of Kane For The Aurora Foxwalk Pursuant To The City’s Application For A Kane County Community Development Assistance Program (Kccdap) Grant – $50,000.00 Third Year Cycle Of $150,000.00.


Sponsored Resolution To Initiate Public Hearing On An Anit-Monotony Code. R91-401 December 17, 1991

Newly-constructed single family detached home may not be located next to across the street from or cater-corner from another such residential structure which has the same front elevation facing the public street.

Nantucket/Old Indian Trail/Russell Sanitary Sewer Rehab – $100,000.00.

Foxwalk Presentation Package Development Agreement With Balcom-Vetillo & Dietiker, Inc.


Water Main Rehab 300 To 500 Block Of Florida


Sanitary Sewer Rehab Beau Ridge


Held Public Hearing To Discuss The Creation Of Ssa For Bishop Park.

Moved For Denial. (Residents didn’t want it)

Held Public Hearing To Discuss The Creation Of Ssa For North Lake Manor/Old Indian Trail.

Moved For Denial. (Residents didn’t want it)

Supported Denial Of 805 West Old Indian Trail Rezoning – Frank Giampoli – R1 To R-4a

(City Council Approval)

Illinois/Foran Commercial Area Right-Of-Way – Improvements – Planting Of Trees In Parkway From Elmwood To Foran Lane.

Voted In Favor Of Animal Control Shelter.

(New location & construction)

Sponsored City Of Aurora Density Reduction/Reconversion Program To Be Implemented In 1992

(Betty Barr As Neighborhood Coordinator Helped Oversee The Beginning Of This Program)