Kccdap – Sponsored 3rd Year Funding – A Resolution Authorizing The City Of Aurora To Enter Into An Agreement With The County Of Kane For The Foxwalk Pursuant To The City’s Application For A Kane County Community Development Assistance Program (Kccdap) Grant.

Foxwalk Focus – Contract With Mcelroy & Associates

Kay Severinson. (Riverwalk Newsletter)

Supported Resolution For Construction Of Boardwalk For Ssa #15 – Pinney Street

$110,850.00 With The Wrap Around Of Boardwalk.

Sponsored Conditions Of The Greater Midwest Development Corporation/Indian Trail Estates – Jim Oehlberg

(North Cameo Park).

Resolution For Entering Into An Agreement With Walter E. Deuchler And The City Of Aurora For Design Engineering Services For The Storm Sewer Tributary Lines In The Bishop Park/North Lake Manor Area In An Amount Not To Exceed

R92-247 $61,000.00

Co-Sponsored – A Resolution Concerning Mosquito Abatement Policy Goals – R92-118.

For the City to have the most successful and cost effective mosquito management plan while maintaining environmentally-safe standards.

Sponsored Flood Improvements At 1141 California Avenue (And Commonwealth) – Meg Safarik – Drainage And Sump Problems – New Construction

April And May 1992.

Resolution Approving And Accepting The Foxwalk West Bank Plan – R92.254 – 6/16/92.

Initial development of a RIVERWALK for advancement of economic development, promotion of recreational and leisure activities, beautification and pedestrian movement.

A Resolution For Entering Into An Agreement With Walter E. Deuchler & Associates, Inc. For Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Desgin Engineering – R92-247 – 6/16/92. In The Amount Not To Exceed $61,000 – For Bishop Park Subdivision, North Lake Manor/Old Indian Trail Subdivision And Heritage Subdivision.

An Ordinance Amending Section 14 Of Ordinance No. 3100, Being The Aurora Zoning Ordinance – Overlay Districts – Enabling Ordinance – 092.52 – 7/21/92.

The establishment of certain zoning protection, including development standards and design guidelines, over a specific area within the City’s jurisdiction, based upon a City approved design, with certain goals and objectives for the overlay district. – For Downtown.

An Ordinance Amending Sections 12.10 3d, 12.11 Ce, 13.2-4.1 And 13.3-5.1 Of Ordinance No. 3100, Being The Aurora Zoning Ordinance As To Noise Standards – 092-69 – 9/1/92.

Amend noise standards equal to those most-recently adopted by the State of Illinois.

A Resolution Approving And Accepting The Foxwalk District Design Guidelines Produced By The Architectural Firm Of Perkins & Will Annd The Engineering Firm Of Grove & Associates For The Aurora Foxwalk

R92-390 – 10/6/92. (Riverwalk)

A Resolution For Awarding Contract For Bishop Park/North Lake Manor/Old Indian Trail Storm Sewer Tributaries – Contracted To J. Congdon Sewer Services, Inc. 750 Racquet Club Drive, Addison, Illinois In The Amount Of $1,217,459.05 – 492-385 – 10/6/92

To Be Completed In 1993.

Storm Sewer Old Indian Trail – Nantucket To Highland

(Included In The Above Resolution R92-385)

A Resolution Accepting And Approving The Yas/Fischel Conceptual Master Plan For The South Point Of Stolp Island – R-92-477 – 11/17/92.


A Resolution For Awarding Contract For Russell Avenue Storm Sewer Project – Contracted To Harry Linden & Sons In The Amount Of $138,777.35 – R92-496 – 12/1/92.

Resolution Approving And Accepting The Downtown Street And Sidewalk Comprehensive Plan – R92-504 – 12/1/92

(Riverwalk) Design of streetscape.