Resolution Approving And Accepting A Contract Between The City Of Aurora And Hitchcock Design Group For River Level Foxwalk Design

R93-337 – 9/21/93 – $26,900.00. (Riverwalk)

Resolution Approving And Accepting A Contract Between The City Of Aurora And Robert H. Anderson & Associates For The River Level Foxwalk Engineering

R93-338 – 9/21/93 – $105,370.00. (Riverwalk)

Resolution To Enter Into An Agreement To Purchase Fountain From Hall Fountains, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida In The Amount Not To Exceed $8,000.00

R93-340 – 9/21/93.

Resolution To Enter Into An Agreement With W.E. Mundy Landscaping For Foxwalk Improvements At Pinney Street In An Amount Not To Exceed $30,000.00

R93-341 – 9/21/93.

A Resolution For Awarding Contract For Water Main Replacement And Looping Project To Harry Linden & Son, 307 Woolworth, Yorkville, Illinois, In The Amount Of $139,916.50

R93-343 – 9/21/93 –

Northpark Avenue – From Highland To Lake – Water Main Project.

Resolution Approving And Accepting The Request For Proposals For Engineering Of The River Level Foxwalk.

R93-76 March 2, 1993 (Riverwalk)

Resolution Concerning Allocation Of City’s Share Of Riverboat Caming Admission Tax Receipts.

R93-75 March 2, 1993

City’s share of Riverboat Gaming Admission tax receipts were allocated as follows: ACCA 30%; RIVERWALK Commission 30%; AACTC 10%; Public Arts Commission 10%; Museums 10%; Downtown Special Events 10%

Re: Sb 85-Supported & Urged The State Of Illinois To Deny The Elimination Of Home Rule Authority On Pesticides – Letter From Joanne R. Mac Donald 4/10/93

State Elminated Home Rule City Authority.

A Resolution For Addendum Number 1 To Bishop Park/Heritage Sanitary Sewer Agreement. Agreement With Walter Deucler & Associates, Inc. – Construction Guidance And Increase Not To Exceed Amount Of The Agreement From $61,000 To $130,000.00.

R93-115 April 6, 1993

A Resolution For Awarding Contract For Rehabilitation Of Sanitary Sewers In The Bishop Park/North Lake Manor Areas And Heritage Subdivision Project

R93-178 – 5/18/93 – $857,478.00.

Resolution Accepting A Permanent Drainage Easement From Lawrence And Candace Ross – Golden Oaks.

R93-198 June 1, 1993 1186 Red Oak Trail

Resolution Accepting A Permanent Drainage Easement From Richard And Carla Bates – Golden Oaks.

R93-199 June 1, 1993 1182 Red Oak Trail

A Resolution Authorizing The Demolition Of A Structure Located At 742 North View Street Aurora, Illinois

R93-175 – 5/18/93 – $6,500.00. (Fire damaged house)

Installation Of No Parking Signs On The West Side Of The 600 Block Of North Lancaster

Barber Green Park.

Recommendation For Approval Of 1993 Storm Water Drainage Improvement Project – 1) Morton – Frost Electric Co. Inc. – 2) Russell – From Old Indian On The Westerly Side Of The Railroad Tracks

Mr & Mrs Brown – 1061 Russell Avenue – 8/4/93.

Re: Huntington Lift Station: Elimination Of Huntington Lift Station – As Per The Agreement With The City Of Aurora And The Developer For Golden Oaks Subdivision – When Unit 4 Of Golden Oaks Subdivision Was Developed Huntington Lift Station Would Be Eliminated And A Gravity Fed System Would Take Over. As Of August 13, 1993, This Was Accomplished. The City Crews Completed The Removal And Restoration On August 23, 1993 – Memo – Steve Meyer – August 23, 1993.

Resolution To Enter Into An Agreement With Geneva Construciton Company For Foxwalk Improvements At Pinney Street – Not To Exceed $20,000.00 Which Includes Earth Excavation, Topsoil, Sod, Pcc Sidewalk And Bituminous Walkway.

R93-336 September 14, 1993 (Riverwalk Design)

Ordinance Amending Section R-115 And Adding Section R210.1, With Regard To Standards For Detached Garages And Carports, To The Aurora Building Code, Being Article Ii Of Chapter 12 Of The Aurora Code Of Ordinances.

O93-88 October 5, 1993 (No new carports)

To establish requirements for principal and other doorways of detached garages to have closing doors to help protect the public safety and general welfare.

Resolution Authorizing Purchase Of Historic Street Light Poles For The Central Business District From Englewood Electrical Supple Company.  R93-195 June 1, 1993

(Riverwalk Design)

Provide aesthetic appearance in the city’s business district to promote positive image for the city and potential investors.

Resolution Approving And Accepting A Cost Sharing Arrangement Between The City Of Aurora And Hollywood Casino Aurora, Inc., For River Level Foxwalk Engineering

R93-398 – 11/2/93 – $35,123.00

Resolution Establishing Foxwalk Overlay District

R93-426 – 11/23/93.

Ordinance Foxwalk Overlay Districts – 093-99 – 11/23/93.

To guide development and river walk. (Riverwalk Design Standards for Downtown)

Resolution Establishing The Foxwalk Overlay District Design Review Committee

R93-427 – 11/23/93. (Riverwalk)

Committee will be made up of 11 persons and shall be owners of property within the Foxwalk district, businesses within the Foxwalk district and be executive/managerial employees of businesses within the Foxwalk district.

Ewq 93-07-06: Mr & Mrs Brown – 1061 North Russell Avenue – Flooding Between Their Rear Property Line And The Railroad Tracks – Alderman Saville – 11/18/93.

Supported And Helped Prepare – Downtown Call To Action – Document And Recommendations

For Development