Resolution Approving Condition Added With “Fha Guidelines”. Condition 1: That The Rental Of Any Of The Townhome Units Be Handled Through The Homeowners Association Of Their Designated Representative (Realtor). Condition 2: That Homeowner Occupancy Be Maintained At A Level Consistent With The Federal Housing Administration Approved Guidelines, To Ensure That The Secondary Mortgage Market Will Always Be Available To The Development.

Supported – Resolution Authorizing Execution Of An Agreement With Mutual Ground, Inc., For A New Facility On The Mercy Center Hospital Campus, $75,000.00 – 1st Of 3 Years.

R94-366 September 20, 1994

A Resolution Awarding Contract To Geneva Construction Company In The Amount Of $343,965.45 For Traffic Signal Installation At Indian Trail And Church To Be Done Now And At Indian Trail And Highland In The Spring – + Info.

R94-374 September 20, 1994

404 Manor Place – Drainage Problems At Intersection Of Manor And Iowa – Catch Basin Is To High For Street – Al Theis – 897-5394 – Alderman Saville.

Resolution For Accepting Proposal For Design And Construction Engineering For The Promenade $9,200.00.

R94-174 (Riverwalk)

Hutter & Trankina Engineering Co submitted proposal for $7,700.00 for design engineering and $1,500.00 for construction engineering.

Resolution Accepting Addendum One To The Contract With Robert H. Anderson & Associates For Engineering Service And Addenda One And Two To A Contract With Hitchcock Design Group For Urban Design/Management Services

R94-350 September 6, 1994 – (Riverwalk)

94-08-04: Sewage In Basement – 212 Plum Street – Tom Otte – Alderman Saville – Ward 6 – Televised And Repaired.

94-09-01: 950 N Elmwood – Drainage Problem Caused By Detention Area That Is Being Built Behind This Property – Al Oestreicher – Alderman Saville.

(Address for Mr. Oestreicher is 950 N Elmwood Drive, family home)

Ordinance Amending Chapter 2, Division 5 Entitled “Riverwalk Commission”, Of The Code Of Ordinance Of The City Of Aurora.

O94-46 May 17, 1994

Supported Reconversion Incentive Program. Density Reduction.

Adopted R94-50 2/15/94 – Amending R94-509 12/20/94

Eligible properties must be located within the city’s target areas; originally built as single family or duplex (but later divided into more) and restored to originally use with quality plans.

Resolution Authorizing A Gun Buy Back Program $15,000.00 – 256 Guns Turned In, Plus Ammunition Destroyed

R94-212 – 5/17/94.

Resolution For Water Main Replacement – Lakelawn Between Lake And Highland

R94-440 – 11/8/94 – $206,284.00 – To Harry Linden & Sons.

Supported Increase Of Density Reduction Allocation From $500,000.00 To $1 Million For Fiscal 1994.

Graphics – Riverwalk & Hollywood Casino – To Create Downtown Brochure, Downtown Painting & Downtown Over-Look To: Hang On Wall Inside Of Casino.

Supported Wayside Mission’s Attempt To Purchase Knights Of Columbus And Expand Their Program For Women And Children

(City Council Approved, Alderman – Veto)