Amended Boca Property Maintenance Code Re: Dead And Dying Trees.

For all properties except those single family the tree shall be removed at least one foot below grade with black dirt and seeding required up to grade level.

Projected Water Main Replacement For Manor Between Oak And Highland – Harry Linden & Sons


Contract Addendum No. 2 Agreement Between The City Of Aurora And Robert H Anderson & Associates, Inc. Dated September 21, 1993. Created To Provide Professional Engineering Service For Preliminary Conceptual Engineering And Application For And Receipt Of Permits To The Subsequent Construction Of The River Level Of The Aurora Foxwalk Project – Not To Exceed $15,000.00 For All Three (3) Steps


Recommendation To Advertise For Bids For The Colorado Water Main Replacement Randall To Elmwood.

Supported Budget Request For Usnscc (Navy League) Aurora, Illinois


Supported Budget Request For Summer Youth Program At Hill School


Sponsored Gun Buy Back Program Second Year

$15,000.00. (Not Implemented)

Co-Sponsored With Police Department The Creation Of Near West Neighbors.

Fans, Exhaust, Ventilation – Sponsored Amendment – To Provide Exhaust For Kitchens Where There Is No Ventilation.

Provision requiring kitchen exhaust system for apartment construction where no direct openable windows are present.