R00.583 – 12/26/00 – Resolution Authorizing Assistance Under The Reconversion Incentive Program For 719 Wilder, Rene Padilla, Owner.

R01.492 – 9/25/01 – Resolution Authorizing The Transfer Of Surplus Property To Alicia And Paul Dicaro (616 North View).

R01.492 – 9/25/01 – Resolution Authorizing The Transfer Of Surplus Property To Alfonso Grado And Magdalena Sosa (616 North View).

R00.237 – Blocked Off Oak North Of Sunset, Dismantled Dead-End Street And Install Curbing, Sidewalks, Two Driveways, Landscaping And Berm For The Two Adjoining Neighbors The Wegehaupt And Petersons.

R01.435 – 8/28/01 – A Supplemental Resolution For Change Order No. 1 A Contract With Utility Dynamics Corporation For The Palace Historic Street Lighting Installation

S.S.A. #63 Project – $60,550.25.

R01.358 – 7/17/01 – Resolution Authorizing The Purchase Of Lights, Poles And Foundation For The Ssa #67, Palace Historic Street Lighting Project From Graybar, Naperville, Illinois In The Amount Of $39,262.30.

R01.559 – 10/23/01 – Resolution Authorizing The Transfer Of Surplus Property To Jesus And Maria Lopez (400 Block North May Street).

O01.111 – 10/9/01 – An Ordinance Amending Chapter 23-11 Of The Aurora Code Of Ordinances And Section 43-56 Of The Aurora Subdivision Control Ordinance Relative To School/Park – Land/Cash Contribution Reimbursements.

“City Council has determined that changing conditions, including but not limited to family size and land value, warrant a revision to the School/Park – Land/Cash dedication requirements.”

R01.548 – 10/9/01 – Resolution Updating The Per Acre Cost Of Land And The Estimated Population Generation Table For School/Park Land/Cash Dedication

Review of vacant land values of unimproved land has increased from 1995 $42,500 to 2001 $58,081.

R01.524 – 10/9/01 – Resolution Amending The Health Insurance Plan Document Effective January 1, 2002 – Increase/Broadening Benefits.

Grant For At Risk Youth From Ward 4 And Ward 6 Committee – Freshman Academy West Aurora High School – $500 (David Zine)

(6th Ward Fund)

R01.407 – 8/14/01 – Resolution To Award Highland Avenue Watermain Replacement Project To Dan Stokes Landscaping And Excavating In The Amount Of $256,125.00.

Sponsored An Amendment To Increase The Swimming Stones 2001 From One (1) To Four (4) Located At Stolp Avenue And Benton Street, Downtown Aurora.

S.S.A. – Penn Avenue Improvement Old Indian Trail To New Indian Trail.

(Curbing) – New

R01.320 – 6/26/01 – Resolution Authorizing The Transfer Of Surplus Property To Communities In Schools (400 Block Of May Street) To Build Single Family Residence.

Requesting The Section Of Colorado Avenue Between Elmwood Drive And Foran Lane, Sponsored That Says Colorado Avenue Not Roberts Street – Alderman Saville.

R01-040 – 1/30/01 – Resolution Concerning The Sale Of Surplus Municipal Property To John N. Walker (443-445 Plum Street) – Backyard.

Sponsored With The Fox Valley Park District The Installation Of Brand New Sidewalks In Greene Park Bound By The Streets Of Lancaster, Hoyt And Russell.

Sponsored Installation Of Street Lights Bounded By Greene Park Along Lancaster, Hoyt And Russell.

O02.30 – 4/9/02 – An Ordinance Establishing A Special Service Area (Ssa) For The Palace Historic District For The Installation Of Historic Street Light Improvements And Historic Monument Signs.

R02.001 – 1/8/02 – Resolution Regarding The Compostition Of The Aurora City Council And Authorizing Referendum To Be Placed On The Ballot For The March 19, 2002 General Primary – Expand 2 More Wards.

01-08-28: 735 Tinley Drive – Continous Ponding Along Curbline – Leland Hayward – Alderman Saville.