Fb02.68 – 10/23/02 – Recommendation To Advertise For Bids For The Palace Street Monuments Project. (Bids Rejected For The Next Four Years!)

Not in conformance with Engineer cost estimates

Sponsored Amendment To Include Two (2) Car Garages-For Example In Instances Where Joco And Other Agencies Are Involved To Rehab Older Homes In Older Neighborhoods.

R02.431 – 9/10/02 – Resolution Accepting The Bid Of Electrical Contractor, Inc., In The Amount Of $32,680.00 For The Purchase Of A Handicap Accessible Parking Booth For The Stolp Island Garage For Motor Vehicle Parking Systems.

R02.262 – 6/11/02 – Resolution Authorizing The Purchase Of Real Estate Known As 333 Plum Street.

R02.315 – 7/9/02 – Resolution Authorizing The Demolition Of A Vacant Structure Located At 333 Plum Street (Thom Gravel & Excavating, Inc. $9,050.00)

R02.261 – 6/11/02 – Resolution Authorizing The Purchase Of Real Estate Known As 641 Gillette Avenue.

R02.311 – 7/9/02 – Resolution To Execute A Real Estate Contract On 641 Gillette Avenue In The Amount Of $5,425.50. Sold To The Fox Valley Park District.

R02.211 – R02.334 – 7/23/02 – Resolution Authorizing The Purchase Of Poles And Porcelain Panels From Bell & Gustus, Inc. And Pg Bell, Inc. In An Amount Not To Exceed $100,00.00 For The Living Museum Project For The Division Of Downtown Development – Riverwalk

R02.378 – 8/27/02 – Resolution Accepting The Dedication Of A Utility Easement Over A Portion Of Vacated Oak Avenue Right Of Way Located North Of The Intersection Of Oak Avenue And Sunset Avenue.

O02.064 – 6/11/02 – An Ordinance Amending Ordinance Number 3100, Being The Aurora Zoning Ordinance And The Zoning Map Attached Thereto, By Comprehensively Rezoning Six Parcels On North River Street (Private Road), Just North Of Illinois Avenue, From M-1 Manufacturing – Limited To R-2 One Family Dwelling (River Street Downzoning)

O02.072 – 6/25/02 – An Ordinance Amending Division 4 Of Chapter 2 Of The Aurora Code Of Ordinances Entitled “Public Art Commission”.

Art projects/the total budget for the program shall not be less than $150,000.00 annually.

Pd02.215 – 12/17/02 – An Ordinance Vacating Easement At 1120 N Elmwood Drive In The City Of Aurora, Illinois. (Mr. Walter Hogan)

(Old Indian Trail Alignment & vacated)

R02.372 – 8/27/02 – Resolution Authorizing Assistance Under The Reconversion Incentive Program For 418 Palace Street In The Amount Of $42,000.00, Shawn Quinn, Owner.

R02.464 – 10/8/02 – Resolution Awarding The Colorado Water Main Replacement Project To R.A. Ubert Construction, Inc. In The Amount Of $359,984.70.

The Request To Extend The School Traffic 20 Mph Speed Limit Signs Up And Down Commonwealth Avenue. The School Is So Close To The Subdivision That People Are Not Seeing The 20 Mph Signage Until They Get Right Up To The School. It Should Be Extended North And South Of The School On Commonwealth (Make Sure Sign States While School Is In Session)

The Request For No Parking Signs To Be Installed For Foran Lane Between New Haven And Colorado On The West Side Of The Street.

Neighborhood Redevelopment – Reconversion Incentive Program For Mr. James Turner, 540 Wilder Street In The Amount Of $21,000.00

An Ordinance Amending Article Ii Of Chapter 2 Of The Aurora Code Of Ordinances Entitled “Administration” – System Of Telecommunications For Each Aldermen.